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Fallen Idols Are Idols Nonetheless

It always confuses me just a little when people extend their love and admiration for a particular celebrity beyond the scope of their work and into the realm of their personal lives. Most celebrities, though not all, are such because of their profession. Let’s make it simpler for the sake of argument and say they are either famous because they are actors or musicians, some trying to be both. Many of their fans are turned on to them in the first place because of the work they do. They had a hit song on the radio, or they were in a popular movie or tv show. It starts out this way, as innocent admiration. Some, however, become so obsessed for whatever reason that their “love” for the celebrity eventually reaches a point where they no longer recognize the work that the celeb produces; they are so loved that they can do no wrong in the eyes of many of their adoring fans. But if you are ignoring the work they produce, you ignore the very reason you noticed them and admired them in the first place. I’m not sure that’s as clear as I meant it to be, so I’ll give an example that I’ve seen numerous times. Britney Spears. When she started out, she was very young and very pretty and highly sexualized. Can she sing? She’s not great, but she’s got a unique style of singing that certainly set her apart. Can she dance? Moderately. But she was the first of her kind, and made many people take notice very early on. That was in the 90s. I remember seeing the music video for ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ play on all the televisions hanging in the Foot Locker of the mall near my house and thinking ‘what is that?’ I was only a child, and I was mesmerized. Now that she’s older and pop culture has abandoned the brand she created, Britney has been forced to become a follower rather than a leader. And in my opinion, she’s not exactly doing it gracefully. Granted, I haven’t been a fan of hers in a very long time, but her newest songs almost sound like a joke. And that music video that just came out? It’s bad, let’s leave it at that. One of the major issues of the song, as well as the video, is that it’s trying so very hard, and that fact is overwhelmingly obvious. But her fans love it. Because they objectively think the song is good? No, because they love her so much that it doesn’t matter what she does, she’s a goddess. A friend of mine who is a big fan of hers even admitted that she thought the new song was horrible, but she didn’t care because she just loves her so much. But what’s the point? Ignoring the reason that first made you admire Britney, or any of them, when they do or make or sing or write something awful but you brush it aside because you love them that much, then what more are you doing that worshiping and praising someone who sucks at their job? Furthermore, to claim that you love a celebrity for who they are and not for their work, singing or acting or whatever, is ridiculous. YOU DON’T KNOW THEM, YOU’VE NEVER MET THEM AND YOU MOST LIKELY NEVER WILL EVEN SEE THEM IN REAL LIFE LET ALONE HOLD A CONVERSATION. That’s not love, it’s empty idol worship.

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